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In provalmex, one of our biggest concerns is to secure our supply chain of raw materials, we make an effort not to speculate on it. We like to offer our customers the possibility to sign yearly contracts because we strongly believe that they deserve to have products delivered on time, without excuses with the option of a single price for the year.
That is why we have invested in more than 4,000 square meters of warehouse facilities with capacity for 5,000 metric tons of raw materials of different types. With this volume, we can easily cover our operations thru the year.


As an ISO 9001: 2000 certified facility, we require that all of our raw materials be cleaned, no matter the purity or origin of the seed, we have strict rules and policies about our process because almost all of our processed products are delivered to customers in the food industry, personal care or pharmaceutical.


This is one of our strategic areas in our plant. Recently we have made major investments on this area to help us grow in the near future. We have been a reliable and strong supplier for some of the most prestigious baking companies worldwide as well as some large food processors that use hulled products as their key ingredients.


With our Toasted Sesame Oil equipment, we are able to assure standard high quality products thru an automatic / traditional process. We are able to control temperature, roasting time, flow of the seed, expeller pressure, all of this using a state of the art automatic control board.
Our technical experts (properly trained in Asia) set production conditions according to the quality and origin of the seed, and also according to our customer specifications.
This way we get the best of both worlds: Tradition of ancient techniques to process toasted sesame oil, and modern automatic controls.
This kind of continuing toasters allows us to have a standard flavor and aroma.
With our sets of batch toasters, we can customize the oil, in color, aroma, and flavor, to match our customer needs.


The final and most important step in our refining oil process is the physical distillation / deodorization to produce an odorless and tasteless product with very low free fatty acid content, light color and higher stability against oxidation.

The most efficient and modern method of removal of the undesirable components such as free fatty acids, aldehydes and ketones, fatty alcohols, colouring compounds, etc. which are naturally present or develop during prior processes is by passing the oil through a series of independent stainless steel compartments positioned vertically within a shell, and subjected to intensive live steam stripping under high vacuum at high temperatures to remove all the volatiles.

DEODORIZER: In this vessel the oil is bleached and deodorized. Oil is heated to deodorizing temperature in two steps, first by start – up heater, and secondly by high – pressure steam generator.

Deodorizer, which features an integrated pocked – column tower. Impurities such as fatty acids are stripped from the oil by steam and remaining carotenoid pigments decompose in this equipment.

We have found that more than 70% of refining plants are still using dawn term liquid in their process. This new process uses only steam and high vacuum at high temperatures.

Thru this process, that does not use any chemicals, we are now able to process Organic Crude Oils and make them Organic Refined Oils.

Capacity: 25 – 35 Tons per day, depending on the raw material FFA.

Flow: Semi – continuous / batch system.

Our fully automatic Desmet – Ballestra plant, operated thru a control board is where we design our “recipes” for all the different oils that we process.

This way we assure consistent quality and we have a more strict control on the process.

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