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Oil Packing Solutions


Trying to give our customers different options to receive our products, we have worked in a range of packing solutions to offer them. Some of these packing solutions can reduce dramatically freight costs, without affecting product quality.

Also we are concern about the problem in some countries for disposable packing material, like metal drums, and we helped our customers to find new ways to pack our products.


  • Capacity: More than 20 tons.
  • Helps reducing shipping costs and offer better price.
  • One way, disposable material.
  • Reduce storage space, product to be stored in tanks instead of using a warehouse.

Card board Totes:

  • Capacity: 900 – 950 kg each. .
  • Ideal for batch producers and bottlers of oils.
  • One way, disposable material.
  • Packing material suitable for Personal Care ingredients, Pharmaceutical and Food products.
  • Warehouse space savings, it can be stocked 4 beds on solid.
  • Kosher certified.

Metal drums:

  • Capacity: 195 kg each.
  • Phenol covered, FDA approved.
  • All packing material is suitable for Personal care, Pharmaceutical and Food products ingredients.

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